BRANA Campout History Added to NArchive

The Artwork for BRANA 12
The Artwork for BRANA 12

A history of the BRANA Campout has been added to The NArchive. You can find BRANA Campout History┬áin the Virginia file under Histories – State and Local. The NArchive is an online source for historical documents related to the history of Narcotics Anonymous.

While The NArchive files the document as BRANA Campout History, the 12-page booklet is titled A Gathering of the Tribes: The BRANA Campout. It was printed in 2008 and distributed that year at BRANA 27. The following year, the BRANA Campout Committee leased the entire campground for the first time, relieving the cramped conditions of 200+ campers in the J-Loop and a handful of sites in the F-Loop. So A Gathering of the Tribes provides a general overview and history of the campout in the J-Loop era.

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