39th Annual Campout Theme

The BRANA Campout Planning Committee has begun the planning for the 39th Annual BRANA Campout to be held July 17-19, 2020, at Natural Chumeys Campground in Mount Solon, VA.

We would like to ask you for your input to help us choose a theme for the Campout.

Any Narcotics Anonymous member may submit a theme idea. Do not send logo or artwork ideas, just themes. Recent themes include: “Freedom to Live”, “The Journey Continues”, “We Do Recover”, “Against All Odds”, “Alive and Free”, “A Spiritual Awakening”, ” A New Way to Live”, “No Matter What”, “Giving it Away” and “Simplicity is the Key”.

Please submit your suggestion for the theme by November 15, 2019, to campout@branacampout.org

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