BRANA 30 Theme Suggestions

BRANA 29 Sketch
BRANA 29 Sketch by Ashley M.

In August, the BRANA Campout Committee sent out emails asking for ideas, suggestions and input on a theme for BRANA 30.  We hope to select a theme this month. Here are your suggestions:

  • One day at a time
  • We are All Miracles
  • Willing Hands and Minds
  • Gratitude Speaks
  • With Freedom Life is Meaningful
  • When at the End of the Road
  • A Message of Hope, A Promise of Freedom
  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Work the Steps or Die
  • It Works
  • There is Strength in Surrender
  • 30 Years and Still Standing
  • The Ties that Bind
  • Recovery in the Middle of Nowhere
  • Together We Can
  • Recovery First No Matter What
  • 30 Years A Gathering of WE
  • Three Decades of Hope, Freedom and Fellowship
  • Grafting New Ideas, A Dream Life Becomes
  • In the Solution
  • What Happens at BRANA Stays at BRANA
  • Mountains of Recovery
  • Keep Coming Back It Works if You Work It
  • Never Alone Never Again
  • It’s Principles Not Personalities
  • Recovery It’s in the Literature
  • Once a Dream Now a Reality
  • Thirty Years One Day at a Time
  • Three Decades A Life Far Greater Than Ever Imagined
  • The Journey Continues
  • The Broader the Base, the Higher the Point of Freedom
  • Simplicity is the Key to Serenity

Alive and Free!


Alive & Free
We Do Recover!

Thanks to Jim C., of Gainesville, FL, for sending photos that he took at BRANA 29 – including the one at the left. 

We welcome photos from past campouts, especially the early years. Anyone have a photo from BRANA 1? That would be the pre-digital camera era. But if you have something, send it to us at

Also, the BRANA Campout includes the World Wide Web under that broad category of “press, radio and films.” So we won’t post photos that compromise an individual’s personal anonymity. That eliminates some pretty cool pics, but Tradition 11 is “the cornerstone of NA’s public relations policy.”

The Journal #10

Cleantime Countdown
Saturday Evening Cleantime Countdown

Greigh, Harrisonburg, VA…First campout ever!! Amazing experience. I’m so glad that there’s something else out there for me.

Kelli W., Broadway, VA…My 2nd year here. I celebrated my 1st year clean and now my 2nd year clean at BRANA. Thanks for the support. I’m grateful to be part of NA.

Leni A., New Jersey…Such an easy place to meditate!! Nothing like the mountains since we live in the flatlands of Salem-Cumberland County in New Jersey. Love you lots.

The Journal #9

Friday Evening
Friday evening after the speaker meeting

Tracy J…I love that we have the whole campground for BRANA and love that there are two dances. So grateful for early morning and late night meetings. What a blessing to be in the park with such natural beauty.

Katie…I’m 22 and I got clean three months ago and everyday is a blessing. This is my first BRANA Campout and nature is so beautiful. I love this place.

Jennifer B., the Blonde One…BRANA, thank you for providing the platform that we can all gather where we all speak the same language. Life can be a real beach without a relationahip with God.

The Journal #8

Welcome Banner
The welcome banner at the stage

Marvin W., Roanoke, VA

Love incorporates all spiritual principles and all people. Let love be your guide and you shall recover. Let hate breed and we shall die. Recovery is a place that life took us and a place where God changes us. When we learn to love then we will know God and each other. I loved the campout weekend.

The Journal #7


Saturday Morning Speaker
Saturday morning’s featured speaker at BRANA 29

Teresa C., Southside Area of Virginia (21 months clean at BRANA 29)

First year camping at BRANA. Woke up Saturday morning sore and stiff and in a shitty mood. Went outside and looked around and immediately thanked HP for his daily mercy and grace. I am truly God’s child for Him to let me find myself in the midst of such natural beauty and open, loving arms! BRANA is awesome! I can’t wait ’til 2011. Thanks for all the hard work. Much Love!

The Journal #5

Friday Morning Set-Up
Friday morning the campout committee gets busy.

Eve (17 months clean at BRANA 29)

2009 was my first experience at BRANA and I had no idea what to expect. When I first came into the rooms, I said “Okay, now that I’m clean what do I do to have fun?” I was then bombarded with “BRANA!” Okay, what the f@#k is a BRANA? Well, then July came around and I found out. The best way I can describe it is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! This year (2010) I couldn’t wait for BRANA to arrive again. My job was closing the same weekend as the campout and rather than stay and make the few extra bucks that I desperately needed, I decided that nothing was going to stand in the way of going. I have absolutely fallen in love with BRANA. When I’m here all my troubles seem to vanish. That is priceless!

Word Around the Campfire #2

BRANA 29 Logo
The artwork for BRANA 29

The BRANA Campout planning committee met August 21, 2010. BRANA 29 was a great success, but we have some issues to address. There were some glitches in registration, both online and at the event, that need to be smoothed out. Also, we had our share of complaints, including how we handled the merchandise, a shortage of campground maps and announcements and late arrivals setting up on the wrong campsites.

In the coming months, the committee will set the budget, decide on a theme and get the planning process moving for BRANA 30. If you haven’t marked your calendar, it’s the third weekend in July, July 15-17, 2011.