Theme ideas due by November 15, 2021

Just a reminder. BRANA Campout THEME IDEAS are due November 15, 2021. Ideas submitted so far are:

“Once A Dream, Now A Reality”, “What Is Our Primary Purpose?”, “Let’s Hug It Out”, “Unconditional Love (and what that looks like)”, “We” and “When At The End Of The Road”. Another idea due to changing laws on cannabis and increased using from Covid-19 was, “We Need To Be United (for each other in recovery and those who are new or struggling)”. Also submitted were, “Got A Problem? Get To Steppin'” and “The Ties That Bind Us Together.”

Please send ideas to

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BRANA Campout’s 40th Anniversary!

Mark your calendars! The 40th Annual BRANA Campout will be the third weekend of JULY 2022! We have a lot of planning to do.

And we need your help! We need a THEME!

If you have any good ideas for a NA/Campout event theme, please submit your ideas before November 15, 2021. Please do not send artwork yet.

You can submit ideas in the comments section or send an email to

flier for theme ideas