BRANA 30 Theme Suggestions

BRANA 29 Sketch
BRANA 29 Sketch by Ashley M.

In August, the BRANA Campout Committee sent out emails asking for ideas, suggestions and input on a theme for BRANA 30.  We hope to select a theme this month. Here are your suggestions:

  • One day at a time
  • We are All Miracles
  • Willing Hands and Minds
  • Gratitude Speaks
  • With Freedom Life is Meaningful
  • When at the End of the Road
  • A Message of Hope, A Promise of Freedom
  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Work the Steps or Die
  • It Works
  • There is Strength in Surrender
  • 30 Years and Still Standing
  • The Ties that Bind
  • Recovery in the Middle of Nowhere
  • Together We Can
  • Recovery First No Matter What
  • 30 Years A Gathering of WE
  • Three Decades of Hope, Freedom and Fellowship
  • Grafting New Ideas, A Dream Life Becomes
  • In the Solution
  • What Happens at BRANA Stays at BRANA
  • Mountains of Recovery
  • Keep Coming Back It Works if You Work It
  • Never Alone Never Again
  • It’s Principles Not Personalities
  • Recovery It’s in the Literature
  • Once a Dream Now a Reality
  • Thirty Years One Day at a Time
  • Three Decades A Life Far Greater Than Ever Imagined
  • The Journey Continues
  • The Broader the Base, the Higher the Point of Freedom
  • Simplicity is the Key to Serenity

2 thoughts on “BRANA 30 Theme Suggestions”

  1. It probably requires a degree of risk; but with vision to invite the fellowship, as a whole…
    to invite us all into the atmosphere of a 30th year NA celebration.
    Thank you for seeing it!!!!

    1. How about :


      + you can connect to Facebook too…but there is an annonymity issue with that suggestion…..ooops! that was argued at the last world convention

      Ray Rockstone M.

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