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Alive & Free
We Do Recover!

Thanks to Jim C., of Gainesville, FL, for sending photos that he took at BRANA 29 – including the one at the left. 

We welcome photos from past campouts, especially the early years. Anyone have a photo from BRANA 1? That would be the pre-digital camera era. But if you have something, send it to us at

Also, the BRANA Campout includes the World Wide Web under that broad category of “press, radio and films.” So we won’t post photos that compromise an individual’s personal anonymity. That eliminates some pretty cool pics, but Tradition 11 is “the cornerstone of NA’s public relations policy.”

Word Around the Campfire #2

BRANA 29 Logo
The artwork for BRANA 29

The BRANA Campout planning committee met August 21, 2010. BRANA 29 was a great success, but we have some issues to address. There were some glitches in registration, both online and at the event, that need to be smoothed out. Also, we had our share of complaints, including how we handled the merchandise, a shortage of campground maps and announcements and late arrivals setting up on the wrong campsites.

In the coming months, the committee will set the budget, decide on a theme and get the planning process moving for BRANA 30. If you haven’t marked your calendar, it’s the third weekend in July, July 15-17, 2011.

Word Around the Campfire


A friend from Gainesville, FL, reads Just for Today on Sunday morning.

The 29th annual BRANA Campout was held July 16-18, 2010, at Natural Chimneys. Total attendance was 350 campers, plus 95 children. Cumulative clean-time on the campground topped 2,000 years.

Thanks to everyone who attended BRANA 29. Special thanks to all those who helped us to leave the campground cleaner than we found it.