Word Around the Campfire


A friend from Gainesville, FL, reads Just for Today on Sunday morning.

The 29th annual BRANA Campout was held July 16-18, 2010, at Natural Chimneys. Total attendance was 350 campers, plus 95 children. Cumulative clean-time on the campground topped 2,000 years.

Thanks to everyone who attended BRANA 29. Special thanks to all those who helped us to leave the campground cleaner than we found it.

4 thoughts on “Word Around the Campfire”

  1. i love it. much easier to navigate and the focus seems to be totally on the campout. I never intended for the journal to be my journal i wanted it to be BRANA campout journal so the committee could read for themselves what people have to say bout the campout but whatever as long as its of service. you know me as long as its for the good of NA and BRANA thanks you guys for including me in on this i feel honored. LONA

  2. What makes BRANA Campout so cool? We never know who our Friday night and Saturday morning Speakers will be. They are chosen at large. Plus its a true “we” event, BRANA involves everyone! Ain’t Service GREAT!!! ……………Michiel D.

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