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  1. At BRANA 29, 2010 HP gave me the idea to stop and purchase a journal. This journal has been passed around for everyone who chooses to write their ideas or to share their experience, strength and hope. This journal will be at the Campout again this year and for as long as it is wanted. If you see the journal please take a moment and share your thoughts with everyone. This is not “my” journal but the BRANA Campout journal. There will be postings from this journal added to the BRANA Campout web page.

    1. I wrote in the journal last year. Watching a newcomer dance while writing about it was a God hit. Epic moment. Thank you.

  2. I’m still undecided if I (John Halterman–AKA Papa Smurf) will be camping at BRANA this year because of the incident regarding my dog getting into a fight with another dog and consequently a girl got bit by my dog. I have not seen or heard of a remedy to campers letting their dogs run freely and not following the rules. This is very serious you guys and may ultimately lead to some serious lawsuits! I hope something will be decided before the campout occurs this year, otherwise, my decision not to camp for this event this year may be my only option. Thanks for allowing this post and I hope I am not the only person who feels this way.

    1. John – We regret that you had a bad experience and certainly we do not want any injuries as a result of campers failing to control their dogs.
      The Campground policy for dogs has not changed over the years, i.e. campers are responsible to keep all pets on a leash or contained at all times.

      Your comment will hopefully bring to everyone’s attention the need to control their pets at all times.

    2. The remedy is to follow the rules.
      Parents are responsible for their children and pet owners are responsible for their pets. Anyone wishing to avoid a lawsuit should leave anti-social animals at home.

    1. Site limit rules need to be followed and will be enforced. The rules are: Maximum of 2 tents per site or 1 tent and 1 RV per site. RV’s are allowed only on sites with electric. Maximum number of people per site is 8. More on this to come…

  3. Thank you for your response to my earlier question. This was very helpful. I have one more question. Why the huge increase in price of registration? For the 2nd year in a row a $15.00 increase. Many of my friends are not coming this year because that difference has put this event out of the reach of their pocketbooks.

    1. Jerry- BRANA Campout leases the entire campground from Augusta County for this event. The lease includes all campsites plus a fee for the shelters, stage and lawn. In addition to the lease we also pay a separate fee for every person that uses the pool. As a percentage, in the 4 years from 2014 to 2017,the increase in camping fees is less that the increases we have incurred in the lease. I hope this answers your question. We feel that we have a responsibility, as stated in our Bylaws, to manage revenue from this event in such a way that this event can continue into the future.

    2. It sucks your friends cant make it to the campout. Some people are really raising hell about it. I hate that it happened too. I found it helpful to learn that the campout people had no way to avoid this increase. The only other choice was not have a campout. The are getting a lot of shit about it. Its not their fault. Just like the price of a loaf of bread. If I wanna eat it I have to pay for it.

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