BRANA Campout LogoThe purpose of BRANA Campout Incorporated is to provide administrative services for, and oversight of the annual event known as the BRANA Campout. The BRANA Campout will strive to provide a recreational camping experience for recovering addicts and their families, which includes workshops, NA meetings and other fellowship activities in a family atmosphere.

Chartered as a non-stock, not-for-profit Corporation by the State Corporation Commission of Virginia, BRANA Campout Inc. operates the business of and serves as fiduciary to the annual event known as the BRANA Campout.

Organizers should seek to maintain an atmosphere that nurtures recovery throughout the event. Through paid registrations and sales of merchandise, the corporation is also responsible for generating sufficient revenue to continue the campout as an ongoing enterprise. As a legal entity within the Commonwealth of Virginia, BRANA Campout Inc. provides protection to the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous from legal liability and/or public recrimination in case of problems at the campout.

BRANA Campout Incorporated shall have all the authorities and privileges as well as the
responsibilities conferred upon non-stock, not-for-profit corporations under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Neither the Blue Ridge Area Service Committee nor any service body of NA should be held responsible for debts or lawsuits against BRANA Campout Incorporated.

While BRANA Campout Incorporated strives to practice principles of the program of Narcotics Anonymous, the Corporation cannot claim to aid in the process of recovery from the disease of addiction. Furthermore, while the Corporation recognizes and acknowledges the excellent principles, designed for NA groups, described in the Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, the Corporation cannot claim to adhere to these Traditions. Simply put, the Corporation must operate under a strict set of rules (these Bylaws), be governed by leaders with specific authority, collect fees and distribute funds as it sees fit, and must have the liberty to conduct all of its required operations, without any constraints that might otherwise be dictated by the Traditions.