Planning Committee Meeting

The 2022 BRANA Campout
Planning Committee invites you to help vote on the
40th Annual BRANA Campout THEME!

DEADLINE: November 15, 2021

Send your ideas or choose a favorite below
no later than Nov 15, 2021 to

We will vote during the regular business meeting:
Saturday December 4th, 2021
11:00 a.m.
Family Services Building
227 E Elizabeth Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Map to Meeting

“When At The End Of The Road”.
“Unconditional Love
(and what that looks like)”
“Let’s Hug It Out”
“What Is Our Primary Purpose?”
“Once A Dream, Now A Reality”
Another idea, due to changing laws on
cannabis and increased using
from Covid-19, is
“We Need To Be United”
(for each other in recovery
and those who are new or struggling).
Also submitted;
“Got A Problem? Get To Steppin'”
“The Ties That Bind Us Together”
“Stepping In Unity”
“Recovery Is Fun”
“Fan The Flame Of Desire”
“Happy. Joyous. Free.”
“Service… A Posture In The Heart”
“The Truth Can Set Us Free”
“A Leap Of Faith”
“The Spirit Of Love”
“Love Is An Action”
“Keeping It Real”
“The 12 Steps: A Spiritual Path”
“We Do Recover”
“Surrender Is The Key”
“The Message Carried” and
“Lost Dreams Awaken – New Possibilities Arise!”

Thank you for sending these in!


“Unity Through Unconditional Love”
(based on the cannabis situation)
“Hard Won Experience”
“Whatever It Takes”
“Filling The Void”
“Living In This Moment” and
“Willing To Change (or Willingness)”

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