Word Around the Campfire #5

Early Bird BRANA 29
Sunday Early Bird Meeting at BRANA 29

If you plan to arrive before the BRANA Campout begins or stay after it ends, you will need to do a double-registration. You can register for the campout, July 15 – 17, from this Web site. However, the dates before or after the campout need to be reserved through Natural Chimneys staff. Make sure that you have the same campsite reserved throughout your stay.

Beginning March 28, you may call the Augusta County Parks & Recreation Department at 540-245-5727 to reserve your campsite. Starting on May 1, call Natural Chimneys at 540-350-2510.

Natural Chimneys has completed renovation of Bathhouse #1 and has built a new playground. We also hear that new campsites are being laid out, but no word on when those will be completed.

Word Around the Campfire #4

Sunday Morning at BRANA 28
Sunday Morning Speaker Meeting at BRANA 28, July 1999

We received word this week from Natural Chimneys that we can expect a modest increase in our costs to lease the campground for this year’s campout.

BRANA Campout Inc. will be able to absorb that cost increase, so the registration fees for BRANA 30 will remain at $30 per person online and $35 per person at the event.

Online registration will open on February 1.

We also learned that Natural Chimneys is making upgrades to the A-Loop bathhouse and to some campsites.

Word Around the Campfire #3

Early Morning Along the A-Loop

We received word this week that Natural Chimneys Campground is expecting the BRANA Campout to return on the third weekend of July next year.

So mark this date on your calendar: July 15 – 17, 2011, for BRANA 30, “The Journey Continues.”

The campground’s owner, the Augusta County Department of Parks & Recreation, plans to add a few new campsites; however, that work has yet to be scheduled and no funds have been budgeted for the work. We will plan to use the campground as it has been in recent years.

We should complete our contract with Natural Chimneys sometime in January and we plan to begin online registration in February.

Fall is a New Beginning

The Call of the Djembe

September brings the start of a new fiscal year and the focus shifts to BRANA 30.

The priority is deciding on a theme and getting artwork completed. We hope to have flyers at AVCNA in January.

We will sign our contract with Natural Chimneys this fall; this is the first step in our budget process.

We also want to revamp the online registration. BRANA 29 was the first time we offered online registration and it was a little clunky. We’ve been exploring some solutions that should make it simpler and more user-friendly.

The planning committee meets in October and we’ll be on our way to the 30th annual BRANA Campout.