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  1. My wife and I can help on site. I’m getting ready to reserve our campsite right now. We live in Portsmouth so, other than attendance at Zoom plannng meetings, I’m not sure how we can help in advance. I sent a little 23 minute recording of me speaking- at the encouragement of others- to you guys via my iCloud email. I’m not sure if it made it to you. I had to upload it and Zip it and do some sort of tech voodoo so I can only hope it didn’t get lost in the ethers.

    1. Hi Neal! (I’m replying to your post on the website and emailing it to you here)

      Thank you for visiting the website. The best way to help on-site is simply find me (Robert W) or Shani A. We’ll be easy to find.
      I am usually at the Stage and Shani will likely be at Registration, or close by. Just ask how you and your wife can help and we will have some work.
      I’ll probably get to the Stage by 10 a.m. on Friday (14th), but you don’t need to commit to any particular time. Anytime during the weekend will be fine.
      We don’t expect too much. You need to enjoy the event too.

      The campground isn’t taking reservations for that weekend yet. We have it reserved for the event for sure, but hopefully you will keep getting event updates via email when we post announcements.

      We did receive your e-mail. Shani will handle the Speakers and other Programming Committee duties. I am going to cc Shani this email to keep her in the loop.

      I’m really looking forward to meeting you and your wife!

      ILS, Robert W

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